6 Design Tips For Creating Stellar Custom Boxes

In this fierce retail market, you need to find creative and innovative ways to present your brands and products to enhance your sales. You cannot slack when designing quality packaging, especially when you are selling food items like popcorns. Creating beautiful and alluring custom popcorn boxes is a perfect solution for engaging customers and enhancing your sales. The custom popcorn boxes can be easily customized to meet your ever-changing business needs. When you invest in custom packaging, you can efficiently display the products on the retail shelves. 

Selecting the right design elements is imperative for the packaging’s success. Some people go for generic popcorn box templates, but it is wise to design the boxes from scratch to tantalize the customers. This will help you meet your branding needs, and your product will shine bright among other offerings. Following are some tips that will help you create exceptional popcorn boxes for wholesale and retail markets:

Keep Product Protection In Mind

Some companies only focus on the visual elements of the packaging and ignore the factors that contribute to its durability. Packaging’s main purpose is to protect the popcorns. A durable packaging will safeguard your product from various environmental factors and keep the product fresh when it reaches the customers. Your customers will surely not appreciate getting foul popcorn in a box, which will negatively impact your brand. To make sure your popcorn remains fresh and safe, you need to focus on the internal design of the packaging and take the help of various inserts. If you are after the positive reviews from the customers, you need to design the cardboard popcorn boxes that keep the product safe. 

Interactive Shapes Are Trendy 

The quality and presentation of the product will decide if the one-time customer will return to buy your products again or not. The unique and trending design elements will entice the customers and make them come for more. This is why many companies invest in a custom popcorn box. When you plan to design custom boxes, you have the freedom to select the shape and size per your needs. For example, if you choose a versatile shape for your box popcorn, it will look unique among the other offerings. So, go for gable-shaped or hexagon style packaging to give your packaging an alluring texture. Be it the large popcorn boxes or the small popcorn boxes, the selection of the packaging’s shape is a decision that should be taken after carefully analyzing the target audience. 

Customize The Packaging By Utilizing Finishing Options 

Unlike the generic plastic popcorn boxes, paper popcorn boxes in bulk provide various customization options. They can be customized using various finishing coats and add-ons. You can easily apply the finishing coats to the caramel popcorn box easily. The smudge-free lamination applied to the popcorn box slip art will keep the design safe for a long time. The gold and silver foiling and differing coating options are available to design the packaging per your needs. So, choose the best printing techniques and adorn the packaging with various customization options to impress your customers. 

Go For Colorful Presentation 

Various researches suggest that the packaging with colorful presentation can enhance the brand’s recognition in any market. It is imperative to design packaging with attractive color schemes. So, instead of going for white popcorn boxes, go for the color your target audience likes. You have endless options to choose form. One thing that you need to keep in mind is the branding colors. You should go for a cohesive branding strategy and ensure the packaging’s color aligns with your brand colors. Create black, blue or pink popcorn boxes if you use the same color on other products made by the company. Another good option will be to go for gold popcorn boxes. Coupled with various customizations, the gold box will stand out in the market and do wonders for your brand. 

Don’t Lose Sight of The Brand Promotion

Packaging is one of the best branding tools of the modern era. The companies that are looking for a cheap way of marketing their business can utilize the packaging to enhance their visibility and sales. You can showcase the brand’s logo, slogan, business details on the packaging to provide value to the customers and showcase promotions. There is no limitation on the packaging’s design and you can create the small popcorn boxes in any way you want. 

Design Packaging with Attractive Themes

If you want your packaging to tantalize the customers, you need to design attractive packaging with an amazing theme. You can use any graphical representation or theme on the packaging and choose form various material options. You will also be able to find popcorn box templates on the web and edit them per your needs. Having a unique identity with your popcorn boxes will help you lure more customers and enhance your sales. You can take advantage of the offset and digital printing methods to design the packaging that attracts the customers. These printing methods are affordable and when coupled with various add-ons and finishing, will make for a beautiful popcorn box. When you design custom popcorn boxes, you have the freedom to add the artwork of your choice. 

Custom popcorn boxes can effectively present your items and grab target audience’s attention. You can print them with unique designs and improve their visibility in the market. With the various benefits offered by the custom packaging, you will be able to enjoy increased sales and ROI. 

Royal Custom Packaging is the name to rely on when you design custom popcorn boxes at affordable rates. We use the leading printing and coloring techniques to design the packaging per your needs. You can avail of versatile customization options offered by us to create small popcorn boxes that enticing. We also offer prototyping options to help you check the design elements and make any necessary design changes. Call us today to avail of our services and design the packaging that brings more sales to your business. 

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