5 Unique Candle Packaging Ideas That Can Help You Make An Everlasting Mark

Candles are an essential part of any home. They provide comfort, warmth, and a subtle scent to any space they occupy. It’s only natural that people would want their candles to be as beautiful as possible when they go on display in the home or given away as gifts. There are plenty of unique candle packaging ideas to make candles more beautiful, but some ideas stand out among the rest. Here are five new candle packaging ideas that will help your candles look amazing no matter where you put them!

1. Mesh Pouches

Mesh pouches are a popular option for candle packaging because they provide several benefits to the product. For one thing, they make your candles look more beautiful, whether you’re putting them on display or giving them away as gifts. They also allow the aroma of your candles to waft through without other scents conflicting with the original scent. Mesh pouches even help the candle to burn cleanly and correctly for maximum performance.

The only downside of mesh pouches is that they’re not very protective or sturdy. For long term storage, it’s best to use the bags only as of the final step in your packaging process.

2. Wood Slats

Wood slats are gaining popularity as a regular packaging option for candles both big and small, but their benefits make them perfect for more than just regular-sized candles. Because of the way they’re shaped, you can use wood slats to create dividers that allow you to custom fit different sized candles to fit the gift-giving occasion, which is perfect for business owners who sell different sized candles. Wood slats are also easy to customize with pre-made stickers or engravings that will really help your candles stand out on retail shelves or gift tables.

One downside of wood slat packaging is that they’re not very good at protecting or cradling the product. It’s best to use them as an interim step in your packaging process before placing the candle into a more protective case, such as a box or tray.


3. Custom Boxes And Trays

There’s nothing like seeing your creative work realized in physical form, and custom-designed boxes and trays are a way to do just that. Suppose you’re designing unique candle boxes as a hobby. In that case, the materials needed for a professional box and tray design will run you a pretty penny. Still, they can be very rewarding in the end. Even if your business is doing well without needing to spend the money on custom packaging design, it’s still important to invest money into marketing your products. A custom-designed box or tray with your brand name and logo on them will help you stand out from the crowd and offer customers a better overall experience when they purchase your product.

The only downside of custom boxes and trays is that it can be difficult to find quality materials that are also cost-effective. Suppose you’re using a high-end material, such as wood or metal. In that case, chances are your costs will be higher than if you used a cheaper but still sturdy material, such as cardboard. Even worse is that custom boxes and trays can be a hassle to make if you don’t have guides available.

Custom boxes and trays also don’t provide much in the way of protection for your product. While it can be nice to feel like you’re opening something special when you open up a box or tray, chances are your candle will still get damaged if it falls or is handled roughly by the customer.

4. Clear Tubes

Clear tubes are a great way to package candles that will dangle or hang on display. Although they’re not as popular as mesh pouches, clear tubes offer many of the same benefits and even more in some areas. For one thing, they’re definitely protective, offering your product protection and making them the perfect packaging choice for candles that will be used and handled frequently. Clear tubes also allow your products to really stand out on retail displays thanks to their unique design, which is sure to get you noticed by new customers!

The only downside of clear tubes is that they’re not very customizable or versatile when it comes to different sized candles. If you’re looking for a great all-around solution, this might not be the best packaging option for your wares.


5. Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is another popular choice for packaging candles, especially if you want to create a more casual feel for your product. The ease of application makes it very appealing to new business owners who might not have the time or money to invest in high end customized products. For one thing, shrink wrap is extremely easy to work with, making it a great choice for businesses who are still trying to get the hang of packaging. It’s also very cheap, which is great news when you consider how much money you could save in the long run if it’s affordable enough.

Shrink wrap offers candles protection against dust and damage during storage, which can be very beneficial if you’re using it for storage purposes. However, if you’re planning on selling your product at craft shows or brick and mortar stores, shrink wrap isn’t the best choice. While some retailers might prefer to sell your candles in shrink wrap to save time during packing and unpacking, it might be worth your time to find a different solution instead. The plastic material can create an unappealing feel for customers buying the candle gift-wrapped. It simply doesn’t look very good when displayed on retail shelves. At the end of the day, shrink wrap is best used to store candles in between uses or displays because of its protection.

The right choice for you and your business will depend on what kind of retail candle display you’ll be using, how many different sized candles you have available, and if your customers are more interested in looks or protection. If you have the time and resources to experiment with different packaging, it’s a great idea to do so. Just be sure that you keep your costs down as much as possible until you find the best solution for your needs!

In Summary

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