6 Ways To Give Your Popcorn Boxes A Fresh Feel

There are various ways that you can customize your popcorn boxes, from the cut-out on the side of it to how your label looks. This article will look at six different ways you can give your customers a fresh new experience with their popcorn boxes!

1.  Match Different Flavors

There is no reason why every flavor cannot have its box style. If you have a specific color scheme for your bakery shop, why not use those colors for the flavors as well. Make sure that all the boxes match in color, but each has its specific style or pattern, so they don’t get overly confused with one another.

2. Use Die Cuts for design Quality

Using die cuts, essentially a stencil or template can help you achieve a more high-quality look for your popcorn packaging. They are also reusable and customize the box according to whatever flavor is inside.

3. Use Custom Label Design on each flavor

Using custom label designs on each flavor allows you to highlight the differences between them and welcome customers into trying something new. The more flavors you have, the more creative you should get with this option!

4. Add some flair with printed patterns

Using printed patterns from your logo design adds a nice touch of color. Still, it remains consistent with your overall brand design style across all products, so everything feels cohesive and professional. It’s a simple way to highlight the product allowing it to be highly customizable through pattern choice.

5. Customize the shape of the box

As you know, popcorn comes in many shapes and sizes, so why not customize that into your design? From circular to star-shaped boxes, personalizing this detail will give customers a pleasant surprise when they first open it up.

6. Mix Textures with custom Popcorn bags inside the boxes!

Instead of just using one pattern on your box, why not use multiple? You can mix things up by adding different textures to each pattern or even having two different ways on the top and bottom halves of the box. This creates dynamic interest for your customers but maintains an overall cohesive look across all products, whether packaged or loose, within their shop.

Now that you have read about these awesome techniques, you are all set to customize your popcorn boxes! Go out there and be creative with your next design. As long as you have a basic knowledge of graphic design principles, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. 

Tips for Customizing The Popcorn Boxes 

Following are some tips that you need to follow when you are looking to create a popcorn box that allure your customers: 

– Be confident when using different patterns! If you are not sure, it is best to keep things simple.

– Make sure that whatever you are designing fits well on the box; otherwise, it will look sloppy and unprofessional.

– Use “Pop Up” boxes if your popcorn shop has a lot of flavors so they can be easily differentiated from one another by customers. It’s also nice for them to have options, so pick the style that works the best for you!

– Keep in mind how much space is available on your box before deciding what kind of design to use so everything fits nicely. – Boxes come in all shapes and sizes! Try different ones out until you find one that matches your tastes perfectly.

 -Try using die cuts as it adds more quality to your boxes’ overall look and makes them look trendy.

– When designing, be sure to keep in mind all the colors on your logo. This will help maintain consistency throughout your whole brand and product line! If you want a particular texture, print it on top of another color or pattern that compliments it nicely. The possibilities are endless with custom printing!

– It is always good practice to make sure text can easily fit inside each box without having it appear cluttered or difficult to read. Sometimes using small fonts makes this easier for customers and space limitations within the actual box. You don’t want things like nutritional information cluttering up the design either, so find a nice balance between all the information you want to include. – If this is your first time customizing a box, it’s best to start with something easy like simple shapes or basic patterns before progressing into more complicated techniques.

– Be sure that each design can be recognized from afar and looks professional according to whatever marketing plan you have in place for your popcorn shop. – Variety is the spice of life, so experiment with different kinds of box designs until you find one that works perfectly for your business! This is an excellent opportunity to show potential customers what you are made of! You don’t want them seeing a plain old white popcorn box because they know your competitors offer more options than just that!

Royal Custom Packaging is the name to rely on when looking to invest in small or large popcorn boxes for your brand. We use the latest printing techniques that give your packaging an acceptable print quality. On top of that, our customization options will help design the popcorn boxes that stand apart from the rest. Give us a call today, and let’s create custom popcorn packaging together! 

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